Author Amanda Hocking
Publication date January 1, 2011
Published by St. Martin's Griffin
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Ascend is the third book in the Trylle Trilogy by Amanda Hocking.


basically... Wendy chose Loki over Finn and Tove divorces wendy because he wants to find true love. Loki and Wendy get married and Wendy is pregnant but that isn't revealed until the near end of the book. Finn gets pretty sad over Wendy saying her love might not be worth much, how shes throwing it around but he gets over it.

Tove is gay which was revealed by Finn in the previous book, and is confirmed in an additional epilogue of the novel where he is shown to be in a not completely out relationship with Bain, not wanting to reveal it completely because of Trylle laws forbidding it.

Wendy's mom, Elora Dahl, The Queen dies.

Wendy's mom concentrated her power to see images of Wendy's childhood wasting her age.

Wendy kills her father by beheading him, Loki ALMOST dies but Sara saves him with help from Wendy because she gave Sara her power but just from that it makes one of her pieces of hair silver.


The main character of this story is Wendy Everly. She's the daughter of the Trylle's Queen and the Vittra's King.Finn was Wendy's first love, Finn is the head of the trackers in Forening. Wendy thinks that Finn will always care for his duty. Wendy's mother, Elora asked her to married Tove, a Markis who was very powerful. After marrying Tove, Wendy found that Tove was a gay. The Vittra King, Oren was very cruel. He wanted to get Wendy because he wanted to rule the two kingdoms. Loki was the 'Prince' of Vittra but he was abused by Oren because he couldn't bring Wendy back to the Ondarike.

At the end, Wendy married Loki because of love.

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