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Bryn Aven is half Skojare and half Kanin. Bryn is trained as a trackers and is the personal guard of King Linus.

"Bryn Aven. Remember my name. Because I'm going to be the one that kills you."[edit | edit source]

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION[edit | edit source]

Bryn is a half Skojare, one of the five clans. Skojare have blonde hair and blue eyes and some even have gills. Bryn, like her mother, is blonde and blue eyed which is a contrast to the Kanin's tan skin and dark hair and eyes. While Bryn's father is Kanin, Bryn didn't inherit much of the Kanin looks from him so she looks Skojare.

Biography[edit | edit source]


FrostFire[edit | edit source]

Bryn is 15 when she catches Konstantin Black with a sword to her father's chest. Konstantin then states, "I am bound to something much more than this kingdom, and I must complete my mission," though it is unclear what he means. Bryn attacks him and he escapes out a window. Bryn feels betrayed because she'd always admired Konstantin.

Four years later, Bryn sees Konstantin again when she is on a tracking job. She is waiting for the changling, Linus Berling, when she sees a black car. Changelings are child trolls who have been placed into rich families at birth, so the troll kingdom get the money of the Changeling. As a tracker, it is apart of Bryn's job to reclaim changelings. She walks up to the car and yanks open the door open. Finding Konstantin and a Omte named Bent Stum. Bryn wrestles with Konstantin and manages to getting away. She snatches Linus and leaves.

It is also unclear why Konstantin and Brent would be following Linus.

Bryn later reveals that Linus Berling is royalty, Linus's parents are a Duke and a Duchess. Making him the next in line for throne if the King and Queen don't have children.

Ridley, her boss, arranged a meeting with the King, Queen, and Chancellor, her father. They are puzzled as well to why an outlawed Kanin and an exhiled Omte would be following Linus. They decided that this would be a one time concurrence and to not think this would happen again. The King decides to make Bryn shadow Linus. To watch him to see if anyone harms him.

Bryn's mother disproves of her being a tracker, as it is too dangerous in her opinion.

Bryn takes Linus to the libray to teach him about trolls. Trolls love the cold, and they live in North America and Europe. Vittra's and the Omte's are the most grumpy while the Kanin are the most peaceful. The trolls originated in Scandinavia so they've adapted. The trolls all lived together, had arguments, and quarrels. All trolls have different powers. The Vitta have strength, Skojare can breath underwater, Trylle can move things with their mind, and the Omte have mind control. During the Crusade humans killed trolls for their powers, seeing the trolls powers as witchcraft and demotic. Human babies were killed as well, some that showed the slight sign of usually traits.

The Omte lived in trees, while the Trylle, Vittra, and Kanin lived on the ground. The Kanin lived deep within the ground, with burrows. Skojare lived in water. They arrived to their land and split off. There are animals that represent the tribes. Omte was vulture , Vittra was cougar, Kanin was rabbit, Trylle was a flower, and Skojare was a fish. Bryn is getting restless because she feels she isn't really doing any work. She wants to go out, capture Konstantin, and see why he has a remorseful look every time she sees him. Though it would be going against the orders of the king.

Later she attends her best friend, Ember's, birthday party she sees that Ridley has a new girlfriend, Juni. In the past Bryn, hasn't cared of Ridley's many loves, but now she feels slightly jealous. She sneaks out to a balcony where Ridley follows. He then explains that he will help her track down Konstantin because he knows how much it means to her to find him. They attend a royal ball that is to welcome the Skojare guest. Ridley asks Bryn to dance which she reluctantly accepts.

Ember wakes Bryn up and tells her that she has been sent on a mission to retrieve a changeling.This causes Bryn to be a angry when Ember admits that it's an assignment that is close to Konstantin.

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Romances[edit | edit source]


Ridley Dresden is Bryn's boss and the Rektor of the Kanin. Ridley and Bryn are friends and even though Ridley goes through many girls and Bryn knows this, shes never seemed to mind. This changes when Ridley starts dating a Kanin girl called Juni. Bryn realizes she has feelings for Ridley but fights to keep them in check, constantly reminding herself that he is her boss and it would ruin everything she has built for herself. In the end the two of them kiss and Bryn pushes Ridley away even though the only thing she wants to do is wrap her arms around him and kiss him. After being sent together to the Skojare court to find a missing Queen, the two grow closer and closer until they end up sleeping together one night. The next morning is awkward between the two because they know it can never happen again. When Byn finally returns to the Kanin, she finds out Ridley and Juni broke up and when they both know they should, they admit they have feelings for each other. In the end the two sleep together again and when the last book finishes, it shows them agreeing that together they can do anything.


Bryn had a crush on Konstantin Black for most of her life training as a tracker. He gave her the nickname, 'white rabbit', due to her light complexion. After he almost killed her father, Bryn stopped liking Konstantin and set out to get revenge on him. Later, after the two have allied together, they set off to find the Queen. Konstantin locks Bryn in a cell so she doesn't get hurt, confessing his feelings towards her, though she does break free. Konstantin is stabbed, and it is while he is dying that Konstatin also confesses that he doesn't regret anything, since it brought him here with her. He then asks for her forgiveness as he dies.

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