Bryn Aven is an outcast amounst the Kanin, she is a half blood. Bryn's mother, Rena, is a Skojare while her father, the Chancellor, is Kanin. Bryn fights in her world to be accepted and part of the Kanin society. Bryn is a tracker long with her two best friends Ember and Tilda. Bryn's boss Ridley Dresden, the Rektor, is one of her close friends but as they embark on missions together the two can't stop the attraction that grows between them. Against their better judgement Brun and Ridley can fight the things they feel for each other.


RIDLEY DRESDEN- Ridley Dresden is Bryn's boss and the Rektor of the Kanin. Ridley and Bryn are friends and even though Ridley goes through many girls and Bryn knows this she never semms to mind. This changes when Ridley starts dating a Kanin girl called Juni. Bryn realises she has feelings for Ridley but fights to keep them in check, constantly reminding herself that he is her boss and it would ruin everything she has built for herself. In the end the two of them kiss and Bryn pushes Ridley away even though the only thing she wants to do is wrap her arms around him and kiss him. After being sent together to the Skojare court to find a mising Queen the two grow closer and closer until they end up sleeping together one night. The next morning is awkward between the two because they know it can never happen again. When Byn finally returns to the Kanin she finds out Ridley and Juni broke up and when they both know they should they admit they have feelings for each other. In the end the two sleep together again and when the last book finishes it shows them agreeing that together they can do anything.


Bryn is a half Skojare, one of the five clans. Skojare have blonde hair and blue eyes and some even have gills. Bryn like her mother is blonde and blue eyed which is a contrast to the Kanin's tan skin and dark hair and eyes. While Bryn's father is Kanin Bryn didn't inherit much of the Kanin looks from him so she looks Skojare.

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