Finn and Wendy Edit

Finn first met Wendy when he was assigned the job of tracking her. Finn was Wendy's tracker so they spent lots of time in each other's presence. The more they grew closer, the more Wendy and Finn's emotions for each other deepened. They were both aware that a tracker and a princess could never be together, that was how the system was set. He had to marry someone of high title, and trackers were not far off from the bottom of the ranks in Forening.

Wendy and Loki Edit

Wendy and Loki's first encounter was when he was sent to kidnap her by the King Oren's orders. That was in Torn, the second book in the series. Loki was supposed to be an enemy to her, but he acted quite the opposite of that. He helped the rescue of Wendy and did not resist when Tove and the rescue team infiltrated the palace to retrieve the kidnapped princess. Their relationship grows a lot throughout the book, and in the end, they get married and unite the two tribes.

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