Elliot Strinne was the king of Kanin before Evert Strinne. He had a younger sister named Sybille, who was married to Viktor Dålig and had three daughters. Elliot became king at a young age, and, according to Ridley, he didn't felt that he was in a hurry to get married and produce a heir, so he decided to enjoy himself and sleep around with as many women as he could. But he fell ill to a sickness and died without leaving any heirs, resulting that there were two people to claim the throne, his niece Karmin Dålig (Sybille had died prior to her brother) and his cousin Evert Strinne. Due to that Karmin was underage, Evert was crowned king, resulting in Viktor Dålig's coup, where Ridley's father was killed. Ridley says that his father died because 'Elliot Strinne was a slut', believing that if Elliot had just gotten married and had a child no of this would have happened.

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