Finn Holmes



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Dark Brown





Finn Holmes is a tracker for the Trylle. He is the son of Thomas and Annali Holmes, and he has a younger sister called Ember. He lives in a little cottage not far from the palace. He and his father are considered the best trackers in Forening. Thomas Holmes had an affair with Wendy's mother, Elora. In the first 2 books in the series, Finn has an affair with Princess Wendy, but in the 3rd book Wendy has to end it.


Finn is tall and handsome. He has dark eyes and hair. His hair is usually smooth and slick. Finn can almost shut off his emotions from his face, which often angers Wendy.


During Switched Finn was generally calm and caring, but he didn't want Wendy falling in love with him, because he thought that he wasn't good enough for her. But as the book progressed, he ends up falling in love with her. Elora tells him that his love for her isn't professional, so he ends up leaving. In Torn, Finn did show that he cared because he wanted her to be safe and back in Forening. When she, Rhys, and Matt were kidnapped by the Vittra, he knew and went after her. When Wendy began talking to and getting closer with Loki, he was angry. Angrier than she had ever seen him, mostly because he was jealous. Like other trackers, he would give his life to protect her. Finn wanted Wendy all to himself, but it just wasn't right in the end. Finn ends up with Mia at the end of the series, and him and Wendy are now just very good friends.

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