Loki Staad



Hair Color

Light color, Blond

Eye Color

Honey, Caramel






Wendy Everly (wife)
Oliver Staad (son)
Alrik Staad (father) †
Olivia Harlig (mother) †


King of Trylle, Markis

“Do you understand now?” Loki asked, his voice husky. “I would do it again for you, Wendy. I would go through hell and back for you. Even knowing how much you hate me right now.”

Loki Niklas Staad is a Markis for the Vittra, and eventually becomes King of the Trylle.

Like Wendy, he is half Vittra and half Trylle.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Loki was born to a weak Trylle Markis, and a powerful Vittra Marksinna. The relationship between his parents was incredibly strained, and ended up with Alrik killing Olivia.

Because of that, at age 9, Loki was raised by Sara and Oren, the former doing most of the child raising. Loki was mistreated by Oren right up to Oren’s death, and hated him.

He was close to Sara because they were once betrothed and meant to marry until Oren married Sara.

Loki shares an intense love with Wendy, and said that he saw his whole world in her eyes the first time he met her.

He and Wendy have a son named Oliver.

Attitude[edit | edit source]

Loki is charming and cocky. He is generally kind and caring, and he allowed Wendy escape from Ondarike. The King doesn't like Loki much and almost takes pleasure in hurting him.

Loki has strong feelings for Wendy and this led to a sexual relationship after a fun night in Oslinna. Wendy and Loki marry each other in the third book. Tove had once said that Loki and Wendy's auras were blinding him, showing they were madly in love with each other.

The King's wife (a.k.a Sara) is like a sister to Loki, because they were once supposed to get married when Loki was nine, but Oren married her instead.

While Loki loves Wendy, and has a good friendship with the others, he dislikes speaking about his past, most likely due to the fact that his parents didn’t have a good relationship.

Loki's father was a chancellor in the Trylle Kingdom before going to work with Oren. He then found a reason to stay at the Vittra Kingdom because he then met Loki's mother, a high ranking Marksinna, who he merely used for status. Loki's father wanted to kill Sara when she married Oren, because Loki was supposed to be betrothed to Sara.

Loki's father wanted to poison her so that the King and Sara wouldn’t produce a heir ( No one knew that Sara was infertile) but Loki's mother did not let him so instead, as revenge, Loki's father killed Loki's mother. The King only had Alrik executed because he was planning to kill Sara, not because he killed his wife.

Even though he partially raised Loki, the King hated him. He abused Loki many times over his lifetime. A testament to that is Loki’s many scars and bruises.

In the third book Trylle and Vittra go to war, and the King kills Loki after Wendy can’t distract him. After Wendy finally manages to distract him so she can kill him, Loki is dead. But Wendy and Sara use their powers to heal him, and ultimately restore back his life.

At the end of the novel, Oliver is born. Oliver was the aftermath of the night Wendy and Loki spent together in Oslinna.

Loki is now the King of the Trylle with Wendy, and uses his connections to the Vittra to help their kingdom once Oren was killed.

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