Mina Viktoria Strinne (Born Karmin Dålig assumed identity Mina Viktoria Arvinge) is the antoganist in the Kanin Chronologies. She was the wife of King Evert Strinne of Kanin and the oldest daughter of Viktor Dålig.


Karmin Dålig was the oldest of three sister. Mina was the nickname her father gave her, as she was his favorite. Her mother, Sybille Dålig, the sister of king Elliot Strinne, a cousin to Evert Strinne, died in childbirth when her youngest sister was born. When she was ten, her uncle King Elliot Strinne died with leaving direct heirs. Her father Viktor felt that Mina, as Elliot closest next-of-kin, should be next in line, but she was underage and the closest relation, who had come of age, was Evert Strinne, so he was chosen as king instead. In a rage Viktor tried to throw him off, but it ended unsuccessfull, and King Evert extended the punishment toward Viktor's daughters by ripping them of their royal titles and inheritance and banish them from the kingdom. But the chancellor, who felt the punishment was too hash, send the sisters away to the part of the kingdom where no one would know them. Mina, then took up the alias of Mina Arvinge (Arvinge is Swedish for 'Heir') and posed as an orphan. Ten years later, at an age of twenty, she attended a ball where she seduced King Evert, who didn't recognized her, and began engaged to him.

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