Hi on this page are just some books that are must reads....

Please do keep adding books that you do enjoy reading.....

Have fun reading other books......................

1. The Trylle Series

2. The Fault In Our Stars

3. Paper Towns

4. Divergent Series

5. The Hunger Games Series

6. The Book Thief

7. My Sisters Keeper

8. Looking For Alaska

9. Vampire Acadmey

10. Fan Girl

11. The Intern

12. The Lord of the Rings

13. Game of Thrones

14. Harry Potter Series

15. The Outsiders

16. An Abundance of Katherines

17. The Inheritance Cycle

18. The Giver

19. The Mortal Instruments Series

20. Warm Bodies

21.City of Mirrors

22. The Kite Runner

23. Life of Pi

24. Twilight Series

25. Let It Snow

26. The Spectacular Now

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