Gary Oldman as Oren

Oren is the King of Vittra. He lives in Ondarike and is the husband of Sara. Oren is the closest you can get to being immortal because he is the last pure Vittra. He is very powerful.


Oren is cold, cruel and mean. He takes pleasure in injuring people especially Loki much to the dismay of his wife. Even if Oren is a heartless man, it is shown that he dearly loves his daughter, at least as much as he is capable of.

Legacy Edit

Oren is Wendy's father. He married Wendy's mother Elora when she was young. They weren't married for very long because Elora found out quickly what a cruel and heartless man Oren really was. After Wendy was concieved Elora left Oren and ran away to hide Wendy from him. Oren never stopped looking for Wendy and sent Vittra, Jen and Kyra, to bring her back when he learned of her whereabouts.

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