Rhys Dahl was Wendy's Mansklig. He is the brother of Matt Everly and real son of Kim Everly. He is currently dating Mansklig Rhiannon.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Stated in the book numerous times by Wendy was that he was charming and good looking in appearance. He looks alot like Matt, witg sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. He is also fairly short. States in the first book, Wendy noticed that while he looks physically similar to Matt, the contrast between Rhy's easy going and all smiles personality and Matt's serious level headed one set them apart.

Attitude[edit | edit source]

He is kind and considerate. He doesn't do well in awkward moments of silence. He always wants to help and is fond of Wendy. He used to like Wendy romantically until they had less contact and he soon turned to Rhiannon,who became his girlfriend.

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