Tove Kroner is a high-ranked Markis and for a time was married to Princess Wendy. At one point he was also crowned as the King before the war. He is described as being a straight forward person. He is also known for having strong psychic powers which made him the best possible Trylle to train Wendy.

According to Wendy, Tove is one of the most powerful of Trylle after Elora and herself. However, he's always jumbled and has to use his powers to keep in focus. After moving things around a bit with his powers, Tove becomes more contained. He can sense auras and can sometimes hear the thoughts of others.

Tove is not very social due to his powers and not very respected. Although he does stick up for his wife (Wendy) when they are married.

Throughout the second and third book it becomes clear that Tove feelings for Markis Bain. Later he asks for a divorce from Wendy as he tells her that he is gay. He was happy when Wendy marrying Loki as he could pursue a relationship with Bain.

Tove is kind and gentle and respectful to nearly anyone he meets.

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