The scream woke Prince Oliver up and he started to scream.

"Dunc, Dunc, "he wailed looking frantically around for Duncan. But it hadn't been Duncan screaming, it had been Willa. All was quite now. Oliver looked left and then right with tears streaming down his face. Where was his daddy? Where was his momma?

Bodil ran down the cobbled street with Furston in her hands. Thor could already be dead, for all Bodil knew.

Bodil's eyes widened when she saw the shadow of the thing coming closer.

Finn kicked open the door when he heard a female scream. Mia was behind him, and she had a sword out. FInn was to late the person in the house ... was dead.


Mia held out the phone out to Finn and he answered it and started speaking to Tove.

Mia looked around the hall, this was the second time in six years that Oslinna had been attacked. However, this time every troll in the world was being targeted.

Blood washed in from the sea in Storvatten, and it was troll blood.

Kasper was dead. Ember was dead. Bryn was dead.

Sara was dead.

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