Willa is a young Marksinna. She is the daughter of Markis Garret. Her original name was Nikki but she changed it when she got back to Forening to Willa, after her mother. She is a close friend of Wendy and is dating Matt Everly. If anyone were to find out both Matt and Willa would be banished due to corrupting a royal bloodline.Willa Strom often wears short dresses and in both Switched and Torn has a crush on Tove, Wendy's betrothed. Willa's Manks was a redhead names Rhiannon,who is rumored to be dating Wendy's manks Rhys.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Willa strom has light brown and wavy hair, she is tall and particularly fond of necklaces and trinkets,more so than Wendy.

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